J KOSKI Projects

Site Access

Customer: USMLP Integrity Dig Program

Project Location: Northern Wisconsin


This swamp is nearly 4 miles in length and has been accessed multiple times in the past 5 years for pipeline maintenance. Cost incurred for each time accessed was very elevated due to work being performed previously during the wettest seasons. Due to multiple natural springs and decomposing vegetation, the composition of the area makes frost road construction very difficult.

The project consisted of right of way access, frost road construction, and mat placement to support multiple pipeline maintenance dig investigations and repairs in a swampy area in Northern Wisconsin.

At the customer's request, complete frost road construction was needed and attempted by JKC. Weather conditions proved unfavorable for frost roads and JKC immediately changed gears to a full timber mat access solution. JKC was also involved in months of pre-planning and coordination with the customer’s field management team to identify the safest and most economical approach in both equipment and scheduling to maximize efficiency and cost savings. With over 5,000 readily available mats and a trained workforce, we were able to safely provide the proper right of way access needed for our customer’s maintenance crews to complete multiple pipeline repairs.

We have the pleasure of working with this customer on a frequent basis and the amount of collaboration in the planning stages in the months prior to execution led to a successful outcome for all involved. Upon review of the historical data of costs for the previous access creation into the swamp, it was identified that this latest project execution involving JKC led to cost savings of over 30%. This cost savings can be directly contributed to the true partnership approach that JKC has with our customers.


W. Rd, Directional Bore

Customer: Michels Corporation

Project Location: MI


JKC matted over 2.5 miles for this project to help our customer access the site to complete a directional bore.  Mother Nature proved to be the biggest challenge on this project.  118 inches of snow fell during the six days that we placed mats.  Then, we experienced an early spring thaw.  Our crews ran 24 hours per day to retrieve the mats before road restrictions were implemented.  Our customer was appreciative of the extra effort which resulted in significant cost savings!

Xcel Energy Bay Front Plant

Customer: Jamar

Project Location: Ashland, WI


This project was unique because JKC was hired by fellow APi Group company, Jamar.  The owner requested that timber mats be placed over a sensitive area upon which a crane was operating.  The site spacing was tight but the JKC operator expertly maneuvered the mats in place.  

During Phase 1 in 2013 and currently with Phase 2, LeJeune Steel, another APi Group company, provided structural and miscellaneous steel.

Pipeline Expansion ROW project

Customer: Beasley Company

Project Location: Stephen, MN


On this project for Enbridge, JKC had 30 trucks on-site handling construction site mats.  The six trucks in the video were removing these mats from the Right of Way, loading them onto trucks, and delivering them to rail spurs and yards in MN. 

Project Video: